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Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top

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Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top

Pansheng Stone Is Chinese Manufacturer and Supplier of bathroom onyx vanity top Wholesale and export bathroom onyx vanity top,Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top,Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top Supplier,china Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top to Fabricator & Wholesaler all over the world.

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Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top

Vanity top Standard size:
a)25''x 22''x 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
b)31''x 22''x 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
c)37''x 22''x 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
d)49''x 22''x 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
e)61''x 22''x 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
f) 71''x 22x'' 3/4''(single bowl cutout)
(and as customerís requirement )

Why choose Lautus Marble vanity top?
1 ISO 9001: 2000, CE & USTG certificate.
2. factory direct with competitive price.
3. has a special high molucular penetration process with better inner structurer, water absorption rate, and anti-stain performance.
4. original designs.
Features of Lautus Marble vanity top:
1. Natural Material,artifical Stone.
Lautus Marble vanity top is sculpted from genuine natural stone material. The beauty is unsurpassable by man-made material.
2. Outstanding functionality. Stone Marble vanity top is lasting.
3. Relaxing. The earth tone & hand sculpted shape of stone sink provides an aesthetically pleasing environment that is peaceful and soothing.
4. Unique & Personalized.
The pattern and texture of stone sink is inborn unique. Plus the versatile shapes & surfaces available, our stone sinks are effective for express oneís personal taste.
The more you order, the lower the unit price you will get. If you buy a big quantity, the low factory price will surely surprise you.
1. We have stone Marble vanity top, granite Marble vanity top, stone vanity top, stone vanity top, stone bathroom accessories, stone tile, stone Mosaics,stone faucet, stone vanity top and so on. All of them are made of beautiful natural stone.
2. We can sell you our lautus stone product and can also sell you our product

China Pansheng manufacturer and supplier of Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top , China Bathroom Onyx Vanity Top .

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